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It is with great  pleasure that we welcome you to kauwi mixed day secondary school.Kauwi secondary school was started in 2005 through comunity initiative.Within avery short time the school has grown very fast. The school now  boosts a populationof 350 students, 15 teachers,and 9 support staff. The school has eight classrooms and an administrationblock though not fully compete. A school science lab that can accomodate twenty students during exam is functional. Through the KCB Foundation and Computer for schools kenya the school has a fully serviced computer lab with twenty computers that are fully networked.

The student are now being ofered computer classes. the school does not present student for computers in KCSE but theyu under go a program developed by CFSK Where they learn basic competence in computers and by the time they complete form two they are certiffied by CFSK. In form three the students are able to use computers for their own learning.

The school has offered students for KCSE twice first in 2009 and 2010.In 2009 the school managed a mean score of of 4.400 and was the second best district school.In 2010 the mean slightly dropped to 4.111.






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