Kauwi Secondary School

Board of Governors



Chairman of Board of Governors:         Mr.John Mitau nzine

Members of the Board

1.UNDER SECTION 4 (2) B:        1. Kyatha mbuvi

                                              2. Peninah Mulewa

                                              3. Charlse Mulila

UNDER SECTION 4 (2) C:    1. Agnes Kinyua

                                         2. Nginga Mututa

                                         3. John  Nzine

                                         4. Rev.William Kilonzi

UNDER SECTION 4 (2) D:    1. Kyalo Mbuvi

                                         2. Fredrick Nzuki Musee

                                         3. Damaris Kyalo

NOMINATED MEMBERS:        1. Japheth Nzilu-PTA Chairman

                                           2. Patrick Matuu Nzui

                                           3. Mrs. Ngalia

Principal:                               Mr. Mua Erastus Nzia                               

Deputy Principal:                   Mr.

Chairman of Parents and Teachers Association:         Mr.Nzilu Japeth

Chairman of the School Development Committee:       Mr.Mwove Valai

Director of Studies:                                  Mr. 

School Bursar:                                        Mr. Cyrus Mbula Mwalili

Head boy:                                             

Head Girl:


Secondary Schools are categorised in Kenya as either public or private. The Kenya government sponsors public schools by providing teaching staff through the Teachers Service Commission. The fee paid by students in public schools is regulated by the government and is used to buy teaching and learning resources. It is also used to buy boarding facilities and pay workers who assist in the provision of services to the students. Public schools are further categorised into:

National schools which admit its students from all districts and municipalities in the republic of Kenya. 

Provincial schools which admit students from the province in which the school is situated. 

District schools, which draw all its students from the district it is situated. 

Private schools are owned and managed by individuals or organisations that determine their own admission criteria. Private schools help to increase admission space in secondary schools as public schools cannot admit all that join form one. 

Public and Private schools can be boarding or day schools. Secondary schools can be boys or girls or mixed schools. KauwiSecondary School -  is a Mixed Day School which therefore admits students from the district-Kitui West.

All Public schools in Kenya are managed by a Board of Governors (BOG) appointed by the Minister of Education Science and Technology. The member that are considered for this role must have shown their potential to contribute in rendering voluntary service towards the promotion and management of education. The purpose is to  mould the youth to be patriotic and useful to self and the society at large. This in effect means that the school should be an institution that produces physically fit persons of sound mind, moral integrity and refined character.

The BOG consists of a Chairman, Secretary and the members. The BOG elects from itself an executive committee that has delegated powers to manage the school on behalf of the Board of Governors. The Principal of the school is delegated to administer the school on daily basis as the Secretary of the Board.

It should be noted that all the transactions by either the executive committee or the Secretary are endorsed by the Board of Governors. Kauwi Day has had a committed Board that has played its role very well. Its core functions include:

  • Planning and development of physical facilities for the purpose of learning and teaching in the school. 
  • Sourcing and management of school finances which includes receiving all fees, grants from public funds, donations and any other income to the school. The Board is required to prepare approve and implement both the recurrent and development budgets of the school. 
  • Organise, direct, supervise and monitor approved projects and programmes in the school. 
  • Recruit, appoint and discipline the non-teaching staff in the school. The Teachers Service Commission seconds the teaching staff to the Board for service in the school. 
  • Discipline of teachers and students under the general guidance of the TSC and the Director of Education respectively. 
  • Regulate the admission of students subject to the general direction of the Director of Education. 
  • The Board of Governors is also guided by;

The education Act chapter 211 of the Laws of Kenya (Revised 1980). 

The Teachers Service Commission Act Chapter 212 (1967) of the laws of Kenya. 

The Teachers Service Commission code of regulations for Teachers (Revised 1986) 

The code of management for secondary schools and teachers training college approved by the minister for education, (Order of 1969). 

The Kenya National Examination Council Act Chapter 225A(Revised). 

Any agreement entered between the previous boards and a recognised trade union that represents the interests of the non-teaching staff in the school. 

Another body that also manages the affairs of the school is the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA). This is a welfare body that brings together the teaching staff and the parents of the school. This body has office bearers that include the Chairman, Secretary, who is the Principal of the school, the Treasurer. This body generally provides the funds approved by the BOG for the development of the school. It has 17 members drawn from Parents and Teachers. The PTA at Kauwi Day has done tremendous work in the following areas,

  • Bringing closer the staff and the parents of the school. 
  • Providing a forum for discussion on all aspects concerning the school and its activities. 
  • Providing opportunity for exchange of views between the staff and parents. 
  • Organising social activities with an aim of bringing staff, parents and the BOG closer together. 
  • Providing, through its fund raising efforts, for equipment, scholarships, improvements and development to the school.         Both BOG and PTA through their office bearers and membership have steered the school academic standards to a level that is admirable and this is seen through the consistent improvement of results of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations.                                                                                          The PTA have always played an important role in two areas;
  • Participating in the discussions concerning the annual school budget. The receive the recommendations of the BOG and discus them. They then approve it, which in effect approves the school fees to be charged every year. 
  • Participating in the discussions concerning the identification of development projects and prioritisation. They then participate in the implementation of the projects as members of the projects and procurements committees. 

The school infrustructure/development comitee is responsible for identification of school development needs and over seing the spending of infrustructural funds throug the delegation by BOG.

The following are the members


         1.    254725641241      Daniel K. Musyoka

       2.    254715272760      Boniface K. Ngunanga 

       3.    254728168170      Mbivya Muthui

       4.    254720528398      Mulumo Ndoi

       5.    254729352254      Ngozo Layu

       6.    254727113361      Musyimi Augustus 

       7.    254726352431      Monica Nduu 

       8.    254727891904      Kamene Sammy

       9.    254727130290      Margaret Nzwii 

       10.  254723847423      Francis Musyoka 

       11.  254711838263      Peter Musee

       12.  254711587450      Henry Mbaluka 

       13.  254723098145      Makuthu Musyimi 

       14.  254710140847      Caleb Kiminza 

       15.  254726672386      Pius Kilonzi

       16.  254722674962      Mbithe Munyalo 

       17.  254725447720      Rodgers Kaleve

       18.  254711317977      Mwove Valai

       19.  254727731118      Nzangi Keli 

       20.  254722343115      Kelly Makau

       21.  254752809091      Nzyima Kivili

       22.  254723563549      Kilonzo(Hope Electronics)

       23.  254711967692      David Kyatha

       24.  254729996599      Mboya Kakwu

       25.  254713720792      Salee Malombe 

       26.  254710584221      Maithya Nzile 

       27.  254721257447      Muyalo Musili

       28.  254720839766      Fr. Antony

       29.  254718114026      Pastor Mwanthi

       30.  254729432129      Pastor Theophilus

       31.  254711414940      Mwendwa Kasyula 

       32.  254720527864      Daniel Samuel(Kamau)

       33.  254723463343      Elizabeth Ndeto

       34.  254727760043      Mama Veronica

       35.  254722370807      Alex Ndone

       36.  254727699896      Katumo Ndonga 

       37.  254717957128      Mary Kuvuvya 

       38.  254721513665      Isaiah Musyoki 

       39.  254726363266      Ngui Mutinda 

       40.  254712887799      Rev. Kilonzi 

       41.  254729466701      Cll.Kitulu 

       42.  254712860848      Snr.Chief Wambua 

       43.  254727270959      Mwati -Assist.Chief 

       44.  254722644164      Mr. Mua Erastus 

       45.  254721776201      Patrick Nzwii

       46.  254711967050      Joseph Kalavi

       47.  254737730340      Nzyoka Kyule 

       48.  254722469043      Antony Malii

       49.  254726449889      Mr.Kinaa

       50.  254722688135      Peter Musua 

       51.  254726408633      Shirlyn Mbuvi Willy

       52.  254727718130      Phyles Nzula

       53.  254727667589      Patricia Mulwa 

       54.  254735204707      Andrew Kwale 

       55.  254721148093      Rodgers Vonza 

       56.  254722252850      Lucy Muange

       57.  254726559817      Mr.Muthui

       58.  254722251248      Mr.Kanyalu

       59.  254723893201      Mr.William Kikonyo  

       60.  254722242512      Mr.Muthui

       61.  254711349438      Ivivi Mwaniki 

       62.  254725549902      Sofia Malombe 

       63.  254713634642      Catherine Mutwa

       64.  Joe K. Nzau

       65.  Ndemwa Yumbya 

       66.  0722579694          Jackson Mwati

       67.  Kamene Sammy

       68.  0723493484          Joe Wambua 

       69.  Jacob Musyoka

       70.  Benedict Vungo

       71.  0722606271          Benedict Nzovo

       72.  0725397297          Tom Glassmart

       73.  Peter Muraya 

       74.  0721480395          Kameta Ndeleva 

       75.  Julius Muli

       76. 0734229842         David Nzile 

       77. 0720279425         Martin Tilivo

       78. 0711318190         Cyrus Nyenze 

       79. 0725085740         Benedict Cosmus Kimaili

       80. Nzyoka Wambua 

       81. 0722743483         Kamau -Kanda supermarket 

       82. Mrs.Mbangu

       83. Fredinah Kyatha 

       84. 0727938934         Muema Kavevi

       85. 0725842751         John Manya(Tosha)

       86. Mwithi Ndoi

       87. 0726544911         Francis Sande Mwamuli

       88. Kimwele Nzyoki

       89. 0725211513         Francis Muasya 

       90. 0724056343         Julius  Ngunga Mututa

       91. 0722332448         Kavale

       92. Timothy Nyoike 

       93. Kamau Kimani 

       94. 0726672386         CLL. Pius Kilonzi

       95. Mbuvi (Elshadai)

       96. 0722849265         Philiph Munyithya

       97. Paul Kayaki

       98. Elizabeth Musyoki

       99. 0722258223      Joseph Mutisya

       100. Augustus Malwa

       101. 0712221332        Mbevi peter K.                  







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